Restaurant Flo

18.00 – 20.30 ( for resident guests)
Non-resident guests: Advance booking required (due to limited seating in the restaurant)

Welcome to our Restaurant Flo!

Here, we prepare all food in-house, from homemade bread to smoking our own fish and meat. We offer a 4-course dinner made from seasonal ingredients for only 795 NOK per person and aim to serve all our guests! During the winter season, we welcome dinner guests by request and arrange the timing directly with our guests.

Events and celebrations

4 event venues

Celebrations, parties, and commemorations of special occasions are always enjoyable. We have extensive experience and spacious venues that can be customized to ensure ample distance between guests.

Being located along the coast, in one of the world’s largest culinary regions, we have exceptional access to top-quality fish and seafood. Seafood is highly popular, and here you can savor both traditional dishes and innovative flavors. Our chefs’ imagination and playfulness are well developed.

If desired, the entire Hustadvika Havhotel can also be exclusively rented for smaller events.

If you have any more specific inquiries or require further assistance, please feel free to ask!


2 – 80 persons

The wedding day is one of the big memorable days in life! Put it out to havgapet and Hustadvika Havhotell, which provide a great setting for the big day. There is a lot to be planned, such as menu, table setting, music, and accommodation and it’s okay to be nervous before such an event. Let us help you with the planning – so you can do other things.

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