History – The Viking Age

Hustadvika Havhotell is located facing Hustadvika, on the slopes of STORHOLMEN, an old trading post and fish reception. The original settlement is gone. The history of the place is nevertheless rich, not least of the drama at sea along Hustadvika, one of the coast’s most dangerous stretches.

Shipwrecks are an important part of history. The Stoplelia wreck is one of many examples of dramatic shipwrecks on Hustadvika. The history of this can be found at Hustadvika Gjestegård.

The area by Hustadvika has a rich history from the Viking Age. At Hustad there was a royal farm. Kongsgården is first mentioned in 1122/1123 when King Øystein Magnusson died here.

About King Øystein it is written in Snorre’s saga: “King Øystein was beautiful as few can see, blue-eyed and somewhat wide-eyed with light curly hair. He was barely of medium height, a wise man who had good knowledge of everything, of laws and instructive stories about people, he was wise and eloquent, cheerful and friendly in company, popular and loved by all people.”

At Hustad there are also Viking graves, and a village castle: Aslaksteinen.